Lectures (public)

More or less every 2nd day a lecture directed not only at the participants of the Summer University, but also at other academics, students and the interested public take place.

These Lectures are given by renowned specialists in Digital Humanities (in the broad sense) and are designed to provide a theoretical and historical framework for the intensive workshops and the project presentations.

02.08.2022 16:15—17:45 Amalia S. Levi (HeritEdge Connection): „Mindful DH: The Generative Power of Archival Silences“

03.08.2022 16:15—17:45 Stefania Gallini (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Columbia): „The digital legacy of the Truth Commission in Colombia“

05.08.2022 16:15—17:45 Lauren Tilton (University of Richmond, USA): „DH and Images: Access, Discovery, & Communication“

08.08.2022 16:15—17:45 Quinn Dombrowski (Stanford University, USA) & Sebastian Majstorovic (Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Austria): Collaborative Volunteering in the Digital Humanities: Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO)“

09.08.2022 16:15—17:45 Andrey Volodin (Moscow Lomonosov University, Russian Federation): „Fragile! Russian historical collections: analog AND/OR/NOT digital“

11.08.2022 16:15—17:45 Emmanuel Ngue Um (Université de Yaoundé I, Cameroun): „Language Documentation as Social Engagement. Experiences from Africa“