Projects & Posters (Public)

Wednesday 04.08.2022 – 14:15—15:45 Project Presentation Session (1)

„Digital editions and collections“

  • Wiktor Ryszard Dziemski: “Digital scholarly edition of 2 vitae of S. Bruno the Carthusian”
  • Dovile Gervyte: “The Digital Micro and Macro Genesis: Creating the John Fowles’ Manuscripts Edition”
  • Frédérick Madore: “Publishing the Islam Burkina Faso Collection with Omeka S”

Saturday 06.08.2022 – 14:15—15:45 Poster Session

  • Uta Koschmieder & Hakob Matevosyan: “Visualizing the Armenian Influence on the Past and Present in Eastern Europe and Beyond”
  • Simona Majhenic: ”Simultaneous Interpretation of Discourse Markers into Slovene: Analysis Process”
  • James McElvenny & André Heck: “Reconstructing Karl Bühler’s Pocketbook on Practical Semantics”

Monday 08.08.2022 – 14:15—15:45 Project Presentation Session (2)

„Corpora / archives and their analysis“

  • Simona Majhenič: ”Creation of the Interpreting Corpus TolAnSi”
  • Karolina Kamińska: “Voices in the Cloud – Use of Digital Tools in Research on World War II. Difficult Heritage from the Perspective of Memory Studies and Translation Studies”
  • Augustine Emeka Ugwumgbo: “An eco-linguistic study of selected eco-digital poems”

Thursday 11.08.2022 – 14:15—15:45 Project Presentation Session (3)

„Social space and Digital Humanities“

  • Maija Spurina: “Shape of Storage Memory: A Digital Analysis of the Museum Storages of Northeast Europe”  
  • Rachele Gusella: “Street Poetry and Socio-Political Engagement in Contemporary Western Europe”
  • Tenille E. Brown: “On the Land Imagination: Expropriation law and place”