Funding granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) allows us to award up to 20 scholarships to alumni / alumnae of German universities. Alumni / Alumnae are people from outside Germany who as (Erasmus) students, graduates, researchers or lecturers have received a degree at a German University or have studied, conducted research or worked at a German University at least for three months and who are now outside of Germany. Scholarships cover the costs of travel, accommodation (12 nights) and meals (11 days). Accommodation will be reserved by us. The scholarships do not cover participation fees.

To apply for a DAAD-Scholarship, a well written application (500-700 words) in German or English has to be submitted as a file via ConfTool. Evidence of the time(s) spent at German universities needs to be provided. Scholarships are attributed only once the applicant has registered for the Summer University and paid her / his participation fees.