Project Planning and Management in the Digital Humanities

Although there exists a well-developed professional domain known as Project Management (PM) outside of academia, project management in academia and in the humanities and digital humanities comes with some unique challenges and opportunities that means that PM cannot be practiced in academia in the same way that it is practiced in non-academic sectors. This workshop will focus on adapting and implementing PM principles and practices for Digital Humanities (DH) teams and projects. We will examine why Project Management principles and practices should be used in DH projects–these strategies ultimately are aimed at successfully managing the risks and rewards of any project.

Participants will bring a current or future project or project idea to the workshop, which they will use as we explore PM strategies and practices. The workshop will cover how to integrate PM at all stages of a project’s lifecycle, the successful management of research teams, the value of project charters in DH, and the DH Project Manager as a research role.